Pick Your Favorite Caption

1. "Why did I marry her? Why didn't I just put
a loaded gun in my mouth? Why God, Why?"

2. "Holy crap, look at that rear end. Somewhere,
a semi-truck is missing its 'Oversized Load' sign."

3. "Somewhere, there's two fat girls naked in a hot tub and
I'm stuck here listening to her jabber on about health care."

4. "Sheesh, Rush is soo right - She does sound like Nurse Ratchett!"

5. "My God, does that woman never shut up?"

6. "Wow!! I could'a had a V8!!"

7. "The good news is, more interns!"

Fan Submitted Captions

"DAMN IT How come I didnt get that cigar too??" --Jerry from Belize, CA

"Oh My God, it started again and there is no way out!" --Ed from Clearfield, PA

"Maybe ol Teddy could give her a ride home." --Joe from New Jersey

"Let's see 1st Gentleman....nah."
"1st man.....nah."
"1st COCKSMAN...Yea I like the ring to that....Hurry up and
shut up Bitch. I have "trim" to work." ---FTG from West Texas

"Hell I don't want her for my President either!" --WG from Texas

"Wow, she has a big ass!" --Kelly from Canada

"I should of had her killed instead of Vince Foster." --BJ & the Bitch from New York

"What was I thinking? I should have listened to Rumsfield and had the bitch killed
when she found out about Monica. At least she wouldn't be on a stage talking about 'How
I'm gonna fix health care'. Stupid bitch. Where's the roof access." --Mike E. from Leominster, Ma

"I'll be glad when Obama finally wins this thing so I can 'get back to bidness.'" --The Pirate from Lincoln, NE

"And they thought I was a bad choice?!?!?" --Diane, From Exeter, NH

"My god, I hope the pregnancy test was negative!" --Diane, From Exeter, NH

"I did NOT have sex with that woman.
I did NOT have sex with THAT woman.
I did NOT have SEX with THAT woman!!!!"
--Brad, From Maryland

"I need to call Chenney and set up a hunting trip for her with him." --Keith C, From Columbus, NE

"I think I found Bin Laden's cave." --Fred S, From Clarksville, TN

"I need a drink and a blow job." --John S, From Thibodaux Louisiana