Stare at this one and see if you can spot the beached boat.

There are 26 long neck beer bottles in this photo, but they are
incredibly difficult to see unless you really concentrate. Good luck.

I am told there are two lobsters in this one.

See if you can spot the generator.

Supposedly there is some water in this photo.

I just can't see it....

There is a duck somewhere in this photo.

It's hard to spot.

See if you can spot the dump truck.

The CNN Tower in Toronto is somewhere in this photo.

Rumor has it that there is at least one beer keg in this photo.

There is supposedly a beer bottle in this one.

If you are real good, you might see a red bucket too.

I think there is a truck in this one.

There is a deer hidden in this photo.

See if you can find the bridge.