Here are some redneck pics
Updates r at th bottom

Redneck boat

Beer Belt, the perfect redneck gift

Redneck pet carrier

Grand Ma at the State Fair in her Daisy Dukes

Redneck Funeral

Redneck Motorcycle

Camping Rednecks

Redneck Horse Trailer

Redneck Speed Trap

Redneck School Bus

Redneck Police Car

Redneck Crismess Tree

True dedication to the sport of racin'

This one has a porch

When you can't afford a truck to haul your ATV

Duct tape - The Redneck's secret weapon

Spare key is boltcutters

Deer huntin' in comfort

How a Redneck keeps his cool

More Redneck AC

Redneck Riding Mower

Where a drunk Redneck parks

When there's not enough duct tape

Obviously a Northern Redneck
(snow plow, no rebel flag)

Where Redneck's buy their Bibles

Redneck cup holder

Redneck Car Jack

Redneck Family Photo

Redneck Birthday Cake

In Case of Redneck Emergency

Redneck Emergency

Redneck Baby

Redneck Wedding Picture

Redneck Wedding Cake

Redneck Bass Boat
(Mississippi State Cap)

Redneck Golf Cart

Redneck Crismess Tree Top

Redneck Sex Education

Redneck Limo

Redneck Palm Pilot

Redneck School Field Trip

Redneck Bra

Redneck 'Lectric Toothbrush

Redneck Ipod

Redneck Tractor Pull

When a Redneck Wins the Lottery

How a Redneck Cooks His Weenie

How a Redneck Cooks a Bunch of Weenies

Makes me wish I had a mullet!!!!

A Redneck Squirrel

Redneck Condo
Thanks to Pool Guy