It's been a long month. You've had to be out of town on business every weekend and had to work late most of the nights you weren't gone. Your son has seen the UPS man more than he has seen you. Your wife is nagging you because you aren't spending any time with the boy. You have a problem. You've got to provide for your family, but you have to spend some quality time with your son. You have to re-connect with him. He's at that age where he's very vulnerable to outside influences. These are the years you have to mold him into a young man you can be proud of. Did I mention the wife was nagging you too?

You see the perfect opportunity. Someone at work has two tickets to this weekends home game. What a perfect way to spend some 'quality time' with your son by taking him to see his first football game.

The big day arrives. You've made arrangements to have the weekend off and you're excited. You try to prepare him, get his mind ready and explain what he is about to experience: The smell of hotdogs, the tension of the fans rooting for their teams. The anxiety of everyone waiting for a touchdown. The experience of a lifetime that sticks with you your entire life. It's hard to tell who's the most excited, you or him. His mother will be very pleased when he comes home and tells her his unique perspective of all the sights, sounds and smells of his special day.

However, it all goes terribly wrong. The one thing you don't expect to happen. The only thing he will remember about the whole day, and of course tell his mother about.... CLICK HERE