Trip Opportunity

A trip is being planned to the home of one of the earliest Indian settlements.

The excursion will consist of a bus trip to the Cherokee Nation, and a guided tour along the river which runs through it. Cost of the trip is $299.00 P/P which includes lodging and food.

If you'd like to go too, book early, as I anticipate space will be extremely limited.

You'll do some sight seeing, wildlife photography and that sort of thing. The highlight of the trip will be the river tour. No white water rapids, but perhaps a few small bumps that might result in your getting a little wet.

What makes the trip especially meaningful is that our river guide is a full-blooded Cherokee; born and raised in the area, and extremely knowledgeable of the territory and any obstacles we may encounter on our journey.

Below is a photo of our guide, and the river we will be running.

If you are interested, let me know as soon as possible. This trip is often sold out a year in advance.


Her Name is UCAN TUCHUM....Don't forget...let me know if you would like a spot on the trip!