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a poem by Abigail Elizabeth McIntyre

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This pretty much says it all.

Taliban Blow-up Doll

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Use Tide

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Emergency Room - Alabama Medical Center

Sometimes it's better to have a small one.

From a Buddy in Iraq

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NASA Uses Only the Best

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Exercises For Your Heart
(Because I care.)

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2007 Redneck Pinup Calendar

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Cup Sizes

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Children Are A Blessing

Redneck Home Security System

Beer, Fishing, Sex and Golf

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100% Geek

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Happy New Year!

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From Homelife Security

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Men Should Do Things With The Wife

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A Book Review

Why You Shouldn't Pass
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Things You Don't See Everyday

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Community Policing

Post Election Update

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The NEW Three Stooges

The Guys' Rules

Shoot Osama

Another Success Story

If Men Vacuumed

I'm going to Disney World!!!

New IRS Tax Form

Another Wardrobe Malfunction

Nebraska Winter Games

After 30" of Snow in Two Weeks....

Fun At A Klan Rally

One of the Seven Deadly Sins

Pet Diaries

Watch Out For This Speedtrap

Plastic Floats

Get the Extended Warranty

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Eye Test

Drunk and Bored

The Husker's New Coach

They're Not Cuss Words

Nothing is moving...

The New Twenty

I'd let this one go

Kermit the Frog gets some...

The Dolly Parton Swim Team

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Women Only Parking Lot

Here's my Mechanic

Seven Best Positions in Bed

For the Veterans

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True Discipline (or pure stupidity)

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Some of Osama's relatives

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